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Mom’s Kite Agenda

06.19.09 | 5 Comments


The spring chapters of the American Boy’s Handy Book consisted of kite pattern after kite pattern.  Naturally I thought we we would make at least one, the very simple diamond shape one, I mean how hard could it be?  Well with a busy four year old it turned out to be impossible.  Every time I asked Seth if he wanted to make a kite he said no.  Every time I suggested we get a kite he said no.  I had almost resigned myself to a flightless spring, when I decided to force the issue.  I am normally a very “good” parent.  I let projects take their natural course, I allow Seth to self direct, and I almost never voluntarily go into a toy store!  All that changed when the check from the IRS came in the mail.   I dragged Seth to the bank, waving the carrot of a lolly pop,and a visit to the local toy store.  I forsook all my parenting vows, and crossed the threshold of Adventure Toys of my own volition.


My dread melted as soon as we discovered cousins Francis and Rosie inside buying a present for cousin Elliot.  Although Seth was not that interested, Francis was really encouraging about kites and kite flying.  He helped enormously with the selection process, which was actually quite short once we discovered that they sold dragon kites.  It was a wrap.  I got my kite, and Seth got  coveted fire equipment.  The two cousins retired to the Thomas section to blow off some steam and escape the hunt for just the right birthday present, and dragon kite mommy with an agenda.


Making a special trip somewhere to fly the kite was not happening.  However, when friends threw a barbecue at Fort Mason in San Francisco there was nothing to do but fly a kite!  It was astounding how into it Seth was when he could feel the wind tugging on the line.  His enthusiasm was boundless, a testament to experiential learning.



Perhaps next spring Seth will be more interested in making his own kite, but for now our purchased dragon kite lives in the boot of the car ready for action at any windy moment.

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