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Seth’s First Fish

08.12.09 | 6 Comments


Seth caught his first fish today.  A nice 10 inch long rainbow trout.  After a summer of practicing casting I at least wanted Seth to know how it felt to have a “live one” on his line.  We followed Poppi’s advice and baited our hook with bacon.  And sure enough Poppi was right, once Seth reeled in a fish he was “hooked”.  Seth didn’t seem to care that we released our trout.  All he wanted to do was try it again.  For all I know he is probably dreaming of fishing right now!  Just to add to the sappiness of this Boy’s Almanac moment, Seth has reminded me several times today that “we” caught the fish.  The line had become twisted so I stretched it and was testing out how it cast when the fish bit.  Technically it was my cast that he reeled the fish in on, and so sweet of him to share the glory.

Good job baby!  Love Mommy Alis

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