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Hay Bale Forts

10.22.09 | 4 Comments

Forts. They’re getaways from the bad guys and platforms for battle.

One fort-building medium that’s easy to find this time of year is the hay bale. Now that the dry summer grasses have been cut and baled, you can find them in bulk for the taking if you ask ahead of time at local pumpkin patches and grocery stores; chances are there are plenty of bales up for grabs in the coming weeks as stores clear the surplus Halloween pumpkins and decor.

So, how many bales of hay do you need?

First, see how many you can bring home! The more the merrier. Maybe you have a truck or trailer (or a friend who does).

Second, find a good spot in the yard. Hay bales will eventually decompose, leaving you with a sloggy matted mess. This can be both good and bad. You will want to keep it in a forgiving area off to the side of your property. And make sure you have a fork! You can use the hay as mulch in your garden during the cold months of winter (or the hot days of summer, if you’re in the southern hemisphere). You could also use it as bedding for your rabbit, or rat or chickens (just be prepared to clean it out frequently if you put it in the coop–otherwise it turns to a fibrous mat of manure that’s difficult to remove).

…Then again, you could always cheat and just go hang out at your local stable, where you’ll find fresh towers of alfalfa!


When you visit, you could bring a lunch! Lunch is always better in a quiet barn full of sweet, warm hay.


Stack it high! Pretend you are a king, or an elf, or just another cute barn kitty.

hay bale fun, and some plotting against us

Lastly, make sure you stage a rowdy hayfight!



As much as we’re still itching from the fun we had, I know you’re itching to try it yourself! Losing yourself in flying flakes of hay is pure poetry in chaos, and it feels EXACTLY as Fall should feel. Tomorrow’s agenda is all about finding 12-odd bales of straw for a very special corner of our yard–wish me luck!

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