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Stephanie Makes a Dragon

12.28.09 | 14 Comments


The other day I sat down with Steph and she showed me these cute little dinosaurs she had made with the kids out in the shop.  I was floored, these were simply the coolest toys ever!


Steph suggested that Seth come over and we would make him a toy.  Just to get Seth pumped about the idea she showed us this dragon.  Seth liked the dragon toy but did not want his dragon to be green.  Seth wanted the color of the dragon be red, because “meat eater” dragons are red, green dragons are “vegetarians”.  Steph heard this and decided to “MOM UP” and made Sandor the dragon out of REDwood.  Here is how she did it.

1.  Sketch the outline of your dragon on a piece of board lumber.sketching

2.  Cut out the shape using a bansaw (a jigsaw or coping saw will work too).bansaw

3.  Router the edges so they are curved.  Sand the surfaces till they are smooth.routersand

4.  Add features with a drill or drill press.  Cut mouth shape with a router.mouthroutered

5.  Cut out flames with a v shaped chisel or lino cutter.  Sand.makingfire

6.  If you have punch letters handy, hammer in the name of your dragon on the underbelly.nametag

Steph was so proud of Sandor.  When we went to show him to the kids they didn’t even look up from Jimmy Neutron.  Needless to say, Sandor has been home here with Seth for a day now.  Sandor has his own bed, and this morning he was spotted eating breakfast next to Seth.  Thanks Mommy Stephanie!


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