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It Was a Mellow Holiday, Both Inside and Out

01.02.10 | 5 Comments


Whether we were inside watching Chas learn how to snap his fingers, making Hiver fairies for our friends, wooden dinosaurs for ourselves and ball-throwing robots for the cat’s amusement, this Christmas holiday found us connected and relaxed. There was lots of laughter, and we had plenty of time to sleep in.

We also had the time to take little road trips again together. We witnessed the Pacific pulling the sands back to the ocean. The edge of the sea here on the west coast becomes incredibly steep during winter. They never called Mavericks, but even the smaller waves at the shore felt huge and powerful, somehow indicating the promise of giant waves a few miles out; they seemed not the least bit mellow, like our vacation mood.

I hope that your holiday was equally pleasant and smooth. For us, it forecasted the new year. We Sicores realized that the most important thing we want to work on is simply slowing down to watch what unfolds this year. This Fall was an incredibly fast-paced season for us. We begin 2010 with soft eyes, ready to note all those wonderful moments that happen as a boy quickly grows into a man.

Cheers to 2010!

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