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06.24.10 | 20 Comments


I was really interested in being a little boy mom *until* we hit the weapons phase.  Ugggg!  It’s just so boring around here.  Other adults assure me that weapons are a perfectly natural preoccupation for a five year old, but I’m skeptical because the subject matter is just so *dry*.

<end rant>

This particular assemblage was more interesting than usual.  The gear is comprised almost completely from household found objects.  It took Seth a good half hour to get everything gathered and hung in place.  Once festooned, he could not really walk too far because implements of battle kept falling off.  I tired to be serious as he leaned down, clanking to fetch the loosed item.  In fact, I had to avert my face many times because I could not stifle giggles.  Seth was dead serious about his weapons, I don’t think he even smiled once during this whole episode.

Lettuce knife mini sword

Assorted pot lid shields

Ikea stool cushion arm guards

Highlighter light sabers (I tried to tell him that light sabers are not really from the same “period” as conventional armor, but he didn’t buy it)

Mini wrench (for weapon adjustments)

<not visible>

Kitchen shears dagger

Fireplace poker sword

Fireplace shovel (for cleaning up the dead bodies ~ my personal favorite)

For about a week one of our lower kitchen cabinets (where the pot lids live) doubled as “weapons storage”.  This didn’t last long.  Chef organized  kitchen cabinets won out over junior warrior creative license.  I like to be open to sharing spaces, but lately I have had to draw the line ~ sorry lettuce knife, uh I mean mini sword!

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