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New Journeys

10.13.10 | 29 Comments

new journeys

Candle boats!
We were introduced to these toys by the movie Ponyo and hadn’t seen them since, until the other day when our Canadian friends brought us a pair from Toronto. Powered by a tiny candle, these little boats pop-pop around the bathtub as the steam passes through tiny pipes in the hull. It’s an adventure just watching them go, since it takes a fair amount of patience priming the engine and hoping your boat ever starts when your brother’s boat is already on it’s second candle and ramming your boat as you desperately try to warm up the boiler plate…

Speaking of adventures, we have been quietly joyful around here since our return trip home from the Tomales campout. On our way home from the trip, in the car, driving in Sunday afternoon traffic on sunny Van Ness street in San Francisco, we received a life-changing phone call. The technicians had made the official count: we were now carrying a “XX”, a baby girl, due to arrive on January 17th or thereabouts in 2011!

Suddenly, we are the sixth month already, and it has been smooth sailing throughout the pregnancy, so to speak. The best news is that both boys are utterly thrilled!

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