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That’s No Pinata…It’s a Space Station!

12.19.10 | 33 Comments


Ok all you Red Leader dorks listen up!  If you want to earn some serious speeder cred with your Jedi offspring this is the project for you.

1.  Buy an over sized balloon, this should run you 25 cents.

2.  Tie parachute cord or the like around the balloon.  Alternatively you can set the balloon on a big bowl and start with the first layer of paper mache.  The actual hanging cord is applied later.

3.  Cut up *a lot* of news paper strips, but any paper will do.


4.  Mix 1 part flour with 2 parts water and blend.


5.  Slather the strips of newspaper in the mache mixture

6.  Apply the strips as best you can.  This is messy but insanely fun and gratifying.


7.  Let the first layer dry overnight.

8.  Tie another round of parachute cord around the ball.

9.  Since this makes the actual string enclosure that the pinata will hang from, make sure to tie the knot firmly at the top.

10.  Seal the cords in place with Duct Tape.


11.  Apply another layer or two of paper mache and let dry overnight.

12.  Cut a hole in the top of the pinata, remove the balloon and stuff it with candy.


13.  Paint the pinata with a coat of primer mixed with a little black paint so it looks light gray.

14.  Use compressed charcoal to draw on the geometric shapes of the Death Star.


15.  Use water and a paint brush to blend the shapes so they look shadowy and menacing.


16.  Note the freehand geometric patterns.  A salad bowl was used to trace the circle on the bottom.


17.  Hang it up on a tree limb and let the little Jedi “have at”!


18.  Be prepared, the whacking may feel like a great disturbance in the Force.


19.  As if millions of lolly pops, Laughy Taffy and Nerds suddenly cried out in terror and suddenly silenced.


Happy Sixth Seth Wars Birthday!


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