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Debris Shelter Birthday

02.27.11 | 30 Comments


Seth recently attended a Debris Shelter Birthday party hosted by the coolest mom on our hillside Stitch Diva!  If you want to learn how to make a proper British debris shelter, watch this kookey video.  Or you can follow along and see how the kids at the party built them.


First you start with a tripod of two short sticks and one long stick lashed together in a pup tent configuration.


Next you build the skeleton out of beefy sticks.


Then you haul whatever debris you can find to your shelter.


This is a great way to channel some of that hyperactive birthday energy.


Then you pile as much debris on the shelter structure as you can.  Or in this case your thoughtfully place the sticks 🙂


Finally you settle in for a rockin’ after party in your rad debris shelter!


The kids all got compasses with emergency whistles on them which Seth loved!  The birthday boy gets a big Boy’s Almanac thumbs up because he decorated his cake with bugs and a rat.  This is a photo of him liking the icing off the rat ~ yum!

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